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Avoiding huge phone bills when abroad

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Has it ever happened to you? Traveling abroad with your smartphone can easily become a nightmare. Most users, who don't prepare their phone to be used abroad, are shocked looking at the phone bill afterwards. However, avoiding those overpriced services is nothing complicated. You just need to travel prepared.


Natalie Avon shared a good advice on how to avoid overpriced phone services when travelling abroad in her recent article on CNN . Following a few simple rules can save you a lot of money. She also points out that carriers are making lots of profit on customers not using their phones according to her advice abroad. There are countless examples of phone bills reaching up to several thousand dollars.

How to save money on data usage

What preparations should be made prior to leaving your home country? We'll start with smartphone users. They should always try to minimize the data usage. If it is not crucially important avoid using mobile data and adhere to Wi-Fi hotspots. With services like Boingo a small fee will bring access to thousands hotspots all over the world. Some airports even provide free Wi-Fi. You can search for the airport in our database to find out more. And if data is a matter of life and death? Call your operator to arrange a roaming data plan. With AT&T for example the lowest one costing $24.99 provides 20 megabytes of data a month. That's just enough to check the email from time to time. A tool called International Roaming Data Calculator provided by AT&T can be helpful to calculate estimated data usage.

How to make cheap calls

International call prices are dropping. Still they are mutiple times more expensive than homeland ones. Again, if the call is not a matter of life and death, use alternative services. Smartphone users with Wi-Fi capable phones can benefit from them the most. Skype is a good example. Finding a Wi-Fi hotspot in a cafe to make your call will save enough money to buy a cake. And those of you not having a Wi-Fi capable phone still have the option to use a local carrier. This, however, requires some research depending on the country you are visiting. You need to make sure that your phone supports the desired cellular network and is not network locked by your home operator. This information should be provided to you calling your home carrier's hotline.


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