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What Happens When A Natural Disaster Hits Your Vacation?

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With recent catastrophe's put­ting Japan in worldwide perspective, not only do locals suffer, but travelers find themselves in a tough situation. Panicking might be the initial reaction, but being prepared for the worst can easily calm down a dire situation.

Stay informed: When you're traveling, it's easy to find yourself distant from the world. Some people don't want to bother with news back home and simply want to stay unplugged during their travels. Sometimes, it is good to catch up with quick headlines in the local news to stay informed of any impending situations. If a natural disaster has occurred, it is important to stay updated with local news for travel warnings or other vital details. It is also recommended to follow airlines and airports alerts.

Stay with a group: Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, it is important to never find yourself alone during a disaster situation. Buddy up with someone in your hotel or hostel or find shelter in a designated area to avoid finding yourself helpless in a natural disaster. You never know when you'll need a hand or if someone might even need your help.

Invest in Travel Insurance: Travelers usually invest in travel insurance finding themselves concerned with illnesses abroad or losing their luggage on the road. It is vital to understand your coverage abroad; especially for natural disaster situations. What happens if a tsunami overtakes your vacation home? Or, if you are missing for days; will you be able to call an emergency number to contact your insurance? Make sure you understand your policy complete for the worse case scenarios.

Connect back to your home base: When an emergency situation arises, it could be easy to panic or to forget simple things to do. Rarely do travelers inform their government that they are traveling; not expecting the worse to happen. If a life threatening situation does happen, make sure to contact or even visit your embassy or consulate abroad. Informing them of your whereabouts can help them get aid and assistance your way; especially in situations such as a government or religious crisis abroad. Government assistants abroad can also inform your family about your status; to give relief to your loved ones back home.


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