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The most extreme episodes - unruly and aggressive passengers on board

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The image of plane passengers that we have is coloured by the media coverage around natural disasters, cancellations and other hardships of flying. As as result, travellers seem to be a vulnerable group and there is a lot of talk about the need of protecting them against denied boarding and other mischiefs on the part of airlines but what about all the episodes where they are the baddies?

Drunkenness, not complying with the instructions, common rudeness, antisocial behaviour, overt aggression to flights attendants and fellow passengers… We could carry on this list endlessly. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present some of the greatest achievements of plane passengers!

Didn't get drink refills – threatened to shoot

A Canadian guy on his way home from Varadero apparently could come to terms with the fact that his holiday was coming to an end. In an attempt to keep the good mood, he guzzled drink after drink to the point where he was refused to get more. This was yet another thing he could not come to terms with and this time it was too much. He threatened to shoot the flights attendant with a 9 mm handgun. I did not help. Instead of umbrella drinks he got criminal charges. Uttering death threat does not pay off…

Caused an unscheduled landing

A couple of hours enforced waiting in Broome is the price 148 Virgin Australia passengers paid for the aggressive and weird behaviour of a Melbourne-man. Disobeying the instructions, unruly behaviour and violent muscle spasms led to the crew taking action. The trouble-maker was handcuffed and pinned down to the seat with much effort. After the enforced landing, the plane could resume the flight and finally make it to Melbourne.

Unplanned trip to Iceland

Many people dream of a trip to Iceland whereas others wind up on this charming isle despite it was not in their schedule. That is what happened to the passengers flying from Chicago – Warsaw with LOT Polish Airlines and they have two drunk Polish highlanders to thank for this unexpected turn of events. The two jokers were frolicking wildly in an inebriated state. One of the female flight attendants did not appreciate them running around on board and she got a knuckle Sandwich. The pilots had to land in Iceland were the men got arrested.

Tried to storm the cockpit

Passengers on a Thomson Airways flight had a narrow escape. In short, an overexcited Spaniard who refused to sit down and behaved aggressively tried to get access to the cockpit as if that could release his anxiety. Fortunately, the attempt to get to the cockpit was an unsuccessfully one. After the plane reached its destination – the Canary Islands – the trouble-maker met the local police.

Up to 20 years in prison

Again a story revolving around the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. Upon empting five bottles of wine, an intoxicated Pakistani passenger decided it was time he … shaved. He placed his shoes in front of the lavatory door and did not let anybody come in. Subsequently, he attracted the flight attendant and who knows how the episode would have ended if it had not been for the help from the passengers. The hot-tempered vine-loved faces up to 20 years in federal prison.

Brave Norwegians save the day

Sometimes airplane hooligans and wanna-be hijackers meet their match. The heroic conduct of two Norwegians averted what would have been a disaster after an asylum seeker from Algeria attacked the pilots with an axe and a hunting knife. The drama played out on a flight from Narvik to Bodø. One of the heroes became 20 percent di­sabled after he broke his back in the crash lan­ding after the hijacking.

And how would you feel with these fellow onboard?


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    about 8 years ago

    These people are mad as a hatter!

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