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Comparing lowcost airlines (Ryanair, Wizz Air and easyJet)

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Our comprehensive flight information database allows us to gather interesting comparisons. In this article, we focus on big European lowcost airlines (by passenger traffic). They are Ryanair, easyJet and Wizz Air. First, we compare the routes. Which airline serves the longest flight?

Longest lowcost flights

Which European lowcost carrier amongst these three offers the longest flight? You may be surprised to hear that that it is indeed!easyJet's flig­ht with its connection between Manchester – Sharm El Sheikh measuring 4 105km. This route is by far the longest amongst the compared airlines.

The longest Ryanair flight currently available is Malaga – Tampere. The plane covers 3 372km on this route. The smallest of the selected airlines also operates the shortest route. The Wizz Air connection Madrid – Bucharest is „only“ 2 457 kilometers long.

The shortest flights

Further analyzing the flight data, we find surprisingly short routes. The winner is Ryanair offering a connection between Ireland and Scotland. The plane on route Glasgow – Belfast covers only 127 kilometers. The shortest easyJet route is operated not far away. Connecting the Isle of Man to Liverpool, measuring a few kilometers more only (143km). Wizz Air operates its shortest flight across the sea as well. The 348km long route connects Malmo in Sweden to Gdansk in Poland.

Additionally, we counted the total numbers of flight provided by these airlines. We also looked on the numbers, airlines like to show off. The are counted in millions. Number of passengers transported.

How many flights do they offer?

We have every available flight of these three airlines in our database. The easiest thing? Count them all. Which airline offers the most flights? It is by no surprise Ryanair. The current flight schedule contains a total of 2 232 flights. It's main competitor, easyJet operates roughly a half. It is 992 individual flights. The third airline, Wizz Air is really small considering number of flights. It serves 366 individual flights only. Does the Ryanair number seem unbelievably high to you? This is to be taken into consideration. The airlines state a return flight as two individual flights. For example a route Prague-London and London-Prague counts as two individual flights.

The passenger numbers

The airlines like to present numbers in the press releases. What's the most interesting one? Definitely the passenger count. We assembled these numbers for all our three major lowcost airlines. First, we'll have a look at last year. In 2009, Ryanair transported more than 65 million passengers. With easyJet, it is a third less, 46 million. Wizz Air being substantially smaller, transported 7.8 million passengers.

Let's have a look at numbers from the first halve of 2010. All of these three demonstrate significant year-to-year growth. The economic crisis is clearly fading. Ryanair has transported 33.5 million passengers from January 2010 to end of June 2010. Second, easyJet did 21.5 million. With Wizz Air, it is 5.5 million. That is a significant 30% year-to-year growth.

Data source: OAG (29.10.2010)


  • Whichairline.com

    about 7 years ago

    Hi Rod,
    You are absolutely correct. It was a silly slip of the pen which may be accounted for by the fact that continental Europeans often say England when they mean the UK and vice versa. Nonetheless, it was a mistake and now it is corrected. Thank you for your comment!


  • Rod

    about 7 years ago

    Shortest route - I thnik you will find that Prestwick is in Scotland.

  • Luboš Müller

    about 8 years ago

    Interesting topic. Thank you.

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