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2010 was a successful year for Airbus and Boeing

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Today we continue with looking back at 2010. This time it's the planes. We had a look at orders and deliveries of both large jet airliner manufacturers. Both companies did well. Interested in who won the industry race this time? Read on.

Boeing delivered 462 aircraft, 787 interest fading

Let's have a look at the American manufacturer first. Last year, 462 aircraft were delivered. Comparing to 2009, it's 19 less. What was the most successful model range last year? Definitely the 737. Majority of aircraft delivered last year was the 737NG, 376 to be precise. Wonder which airline received the most Boeing aircraft? Quite surprisingly it's Ryanair which got 48 737s. Additionally there were 74 777s and 12 767s.

In 2010, Boeing received 530 delivery orders. The most wanted plane remains to be the 737NG, 468 of them are ordered. Secondly, 46 777s are to be delivered. Interest in the latest creation, the 787 Dreamliner is fading. In total, four orders of this aircraft were lost 2010.

Airbus wins, awaiting huge contract

Airbus hasn't published final numbers yet. Results available are up to 30 Nov, 2010 only. Till the end of November, 461 aircraft were delivered. It's clear that last year's aircraft delivery race is won by Airbus. The most successful model was, similar to Boeing, the single-aisle A318–321 model range. 360 of them were delivered. What's rather interesting? No more than two aircraft were delivered to a single company. Now for the superjumbo, 17 A380s were delivered in 2010.

388 orders are awaiting completion with Airbus. Again, majority is for the A318–321 family. 32 A380s are still to be delivered. Boeing may seem to be a winner in this, however Airbus made an announcement this week that changes everything. IndiGo Air, airline based in India, ordered 180 aircraft. 150 of them will be the newly introduced A320neo. Airbus says this is the biggest contract in civil aviation ever.


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